Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Voice services for SAS using VoIP

Since January 2012 we operate an autonomous VoIP phone exchange connected to the service provider GTS Slovakia. Computing Centre of SAS and a number of SAS institutes use services provided by the exchange. Our ambition is to unite the operation of telephony to this platform in the whole SAS Patrónka campus and possibly also all of the other SAS institutes in Bratislava.
The advantage is that the telephone signal is streamed using a data current in the existing SAS network. This simplifies maintenance and quality control, since all of the hardware is administered by the Computing Centre of SAS. We are also able to operate the phone exchanges belonging to the institutes in this way, but also individual fixed and mobile phones of SAS employees connected to the SAS network and SANET. VoIP technology also enables great variety of connected devices, which allows the expansion of existing SAS telephony structure and its dynamic changes.
Currently connected workplaces and instiutes:
  • Computing Centre of SAS
  • SAS Earth Science Institute
  • SAS Polymer Institute
  • SAS Ján Stanislav Institute of Linguistics
  • SAS Institute of Neuroimmunology
  • SAS Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology
  • SUZA