Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences


HPCT ensures the operation of high performance computing infrastructure in the Computing Centre of SAS in Bratislava and the detached workplace in Žilina. Also coordinates cooperation between other nodes of this infrastructure in Slovakia and abroad. In 2013 the Computing Centre of SAS achieved the observer status in the Partnership for advanced computing in Europe (PRACE), which brings together national supercomputing centres in Europe. The employees of the HPCT department play an important role in building the Slovak infrastructure for high performance computing (SIHPC).
Department responsibilities:
  1. Administrates all HPC technologies and 3d visualisation equipment.
  2. Registers the users of these technologies and manages their user accounts. Takes care of the HPCT websites, which are used to communicate with the users and the general public.
  3. Provides consulting and support for the users of HPC infrastructure. Assists during the preparation of projects that will use and expand this infrastructure in the future.
  4. Procures and installs application software, but also assists with the development and implementation of this software. These activities also include the 3d visualisation equipment and virtual reality.
  5. User support includes training, analysis, modelling and programming of supercomputing applications and applications for 3d visualisation.
Application software specialist: Mgr. Jozef Federič, PhD.
Developer of HPC applications: Ing. Marián Gall, PhD.
Chief of the administration division: Mgr. Filip Holka, PhD.
Chief of HPC training and visualisation equipment: Ing. Imrich Lenharčík
HPC Administrator, detached workplace in Žilina: Ing. Pavol Novák
Application software analyst, visualisation specialist: RNDr. Gabriela Obadalová
Application software specialist: doc. Mgr. Michal Pitoňák, PhD.
Web and user support specialist: MSc. Miloslav Valčo