Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences


Account Creation and Logging in

User registration and administration is handled by the registration portal at You can create your account here.
User registration proceeds in the following steps:
  1. A new user creates an account at
  2. User confirms their email address
  3. User details are checked, user account is activated and the user receives testing access to all of the computing resources of SIVVP. Further information is sent to the user's email

Computing resources are accessible only through secure connection (SSH) to one of the login nodes. After logging in, the user can compile programs and run jobs. Logging in requires an SSH key.

  • Key creation and logging in for Linux/UNIX

    Run the following command in shell:

    ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa

    this creates a key pair in ~/.ssh directory (by default), please select a secure password (at least 8 characters, including numbers and special symbols). You will upload your public key (~/.ssh/ during the registration process. Let us remind you that ~/.ssh/id_rsa is your private key, which needs to be stored securely. Never send or show it to anyone. If you are suspicious that your private key was compromised, please report it immediately. You can always generate a new key pair and send it to us for replacement.

  • Logging in for Windows

    You should be able to use any ssh client that supports authentication through ssh keys. The following is the procedure using PuTTY (open-source ssh client). Along with the main client, you will also need PuTTYgen from here:
    Putty Gen1

    Select SSH-2 RSA as the key type and set "number of bits in the generated key" to 2048. Click "generate" and move your mouse around in the gray field. Do not forget a strong password for your key. Upload you public key and secure your private key (see information above).
    Putty Gen2

    To log in, open PuTTY, input as the host name and import your private key through the menu Connection -> SSH -> Auth.
    Putty Gen3


  • IP addresses of the login nodes

    Login nodeIP address
    Aurel 1147.213.80.175
    Aurel 2147.213.80.176

    Aurel supercomputer has two equivalent login nodes. If one is down, you can use the other.