Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences


The scientific community worldwide is currently focused on solving problems related to the spread of the COVID 19 disease. SAS Center of Operations - Computing Center is planning to join this effort by providing priority machine time and premium technical support for scientific projects linked to this subject.

If you are working on projects from this area, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at If you know individuals or institutions engaged in research related to the new coronavirus, please inform them about our cooperation offer, or send us their contact information.

Information about the hardware infrastructe operated by COO SAS - CC can be found in the Configurations section.

Guides section contains information about logining in and running jobs.

Software section contains a list of installed software. This list is always expanding. If you are interested in software that is not on the list, we will try to provide it.

Employees of the HPC department will gladly help you with the parallelization and compilation of your code, software installation and job running.