Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Computing Centre Operations

Computing Centre operates the information infrastructure of SAS by building and providing SAS network in the Bratislava region, which includes the Patrónka campus, other SAS organizations inside Bratislava city and Ivánka pri Dunaji. The region also contains Smolenice and Dobrá Voda, connected to the Computing Centre through a SANET network node in Trnava. We manage other regions in Slovakia that contain a SAS organization or workplace through consultations, or through SAS committee for computer networks and common information technology.
In cooperation with universities, the Computing Centre builds and operates computer networks and ensures information transmission between SAS organizations, between SAS and the universities, between SAS and collaborating institutions in Slovakia and abroad. This is the reason why SAS Computing Centre is a member of the SANET association and the director of the Computing Centre is a member of SANET directorate for SAS. In the same way the Computing Centre was appointed a member of SANET II and is a node of the backbone network of SANET II named SAVBA and connects SAS to Slovakia and the whole world with speeds of up to 10 Gb/s.
Through its activities, the Computing Centre helps with solving scientific project of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Universities by developing and providing technologies and software of SAS information infrastructure, professional growth of its employees and the use of their abilities in solving scientific problems. Computing Centre operates supercomputing systems for scientific computations and provides machine time for the needs of SAS organizations and universities.
Computing Centre builds and provides internet systems for communication and dissemination of information inside SAS, between SAS and Slovak universities, between SAS and scientific institutions in Slovakia and the world.
Computing Centre coordinates the development of computer networks and supercomputers in SAS and all of Slovakia.
Computing Centre provides consultations concerning software and common computing and communication resources that it operates.