Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
E-mail Services provides e-mail, video-conference and IP-telephony service for SAS employees. It operates a virtualisation environment to provide virtual servers for SAS organizations.
Connectivity Services provides technical operation and administration of the SAS computer network and a part of the SANET network belonging to the network node "SAVBA". It provides network monitoring, consulting and development in line with international trends.
WEB Services provides operation, development and programming of the WEBSAV information system, builds and administers the main SAS website, operates SAS organizations' websites and offers web development services.
HPCT Services are dedicated to the operation of high performance computing technologies obtained by SAS Computing Centre. Our main focus is on the administration of the Aurel MPP supercomputer and the SMP computing clusters placed in our detached workplace in Žilina.
E-mail Services
Connectivity Services
WEB Services
HPCT Services