Virtual Servers

The Computing center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (CC SAS) has been operating a virtualization environment for SAS central servers since 2007. In 2010, this environment was supplemented with additional servers, which were placed in Žilina for test and backup environment.

Virtualization is a modern approach to IT infrastructure management, with the help of which we can provide SAS organizations with virtual servers without the need to own physical hardware devices.

Thanks to the operating virtualization environment, SAS organizations can get access to the computing resources and capacities they need for their projects and applications, without having to invest in their own hardware and its maintenance. The employees of the CC SAS will take care of setting up and configuring virtual servers according to the needs of each organization.

We also provide free SSL certificates for virtual servers, which ensure data encryption between the web browser and the web server, thereby protecting sensitive information from interception and manipulation by third parties. They confirm the identity of a website and are crucial for the security of sites that process sensitive information.


Ing. Michal Kadúc

T:+421 2 3229 3115