IP Telephony

Since January 2012, CC SAS has been operating a separate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone exchange connected to the telephone service provider SWAN, a. s.. With the help of this switchboard, several separate SAS institutes and the Computing Center SAS itself are served. Our ambition is to unify telephony services on this platform in the entire SAS campus on Dúbravská cesta and possibly other institutions in the territory of Bratislava and Slovakia.

IP telephony enables the transmission of voice using the Internet Protocol in the existing SAS network, and its main advantages over traditional analog telephony are low cost, flexibility, ease of installation and use, improved functionality and increased productivity. Organizations can get the most out of all the benefits of IP telephony if they have multiple workplaces or workers, because IP telephony allows all workplaces to be easily connected under one network, allowing for more efficient communication between them.

VoIP technology enables a great variability of connected end devices, which creates good conditions for expanding the existing structure of telephony in SAS and its dynamic changes beyond the already established classic telephony.


Ing. Jozef Šurka

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