High Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) consists of (super)computers and computing clusters that have been deployed to solve numerically or data-intensive tasks from various branches of science and technology. Examples are applications in medicine (genetics, “in silico” drug design, …), in physics (meteorological and climate models, nuclear and particle physics, …), in chemistry (properties of atoms and molecules, correlation between structure and reactivity, …. ), but also in the economy (investment risk, stock growth, …) and in many other sectors.

The SAS Computing Center (CC SAS) in cooperation with the National Supercomputer Center (NSCC) ensures the operation of the HPC ​​infrastructure facilities in the CC SAS Bratislava and at the detached workplace in Žilina. It is also involved in international projects in the field of HPC. Together with the NSCC it cooperates on the EuroCC (European Competence Centers for HPC) project, which develops cooperation between 33 member countries in the field of HPC. You can find the website of the Slovak National Competence Center here. CC SAS is also a member of the PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) association, which is dedicated to similar tasks within the EU member states.

Workplace Tasks

  • Provides the administration of HPC computing resources and 3D visualization workplace equipment.
  • Registers the users of this technology and sets up accounts for them. It takes care of the HPC ​​portal, through which it interacts with the public and users.
  • Provides consultations and support in the use of HPC infrastructure resources, but also in the preparation and implementation of projects that will use this infrastructure in the future.
  • Ensures the procurement and installation of application software, but also provides direct assistance in its development and deployment. All the mentioned activities also apply to the 3D visualization workplace with the option of virtualizing reality.
  • Part of the user support is also the provision of training, analysis, modeling and programming of supercomputer and cluster applications, as well as applications for 3D visualization

HPC Administration manager

Mgr. Filip Holka, PhD.

T:+421 2 3229 3110

Application Software Developer

Mgr. Lukáš Demovič, PhD.

T:+421 2 3229 3112

Mgr. Jozef Federič, PhD.

T:+421 2 3229 3114

HPC Administrator

MSc. Miloslav Valčo

T:+421 2 3229 3114

HPC Administrator, Remote Workplace Žilina

Ing. Pavol Novák

T:+421 2 3229 3125