Other Services


Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a freely available software application for managing and publishing scientific journals. CC SAS operates the OJS installation on its own computing resources and provides it as a service for all SAS institutes. If you would like to start using OJS, or if you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Eduroam is an international project and a service through which users from academic organizations around the world can access a computer network in another academic organization free of charge.


Nextcloud is a software solution for cloud storage and file management. It allows users to store, synchronize and share files, contacts, calendars and other types of data over the Internet.


Program Microsoft Select is a multi-license agreement intended for educational institutions, which allows you to purchase at a significant discount. On the basis of the framework contract Microsoft SELECT signed between Microsoft and the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic in April 2002 for the next period, further implementing the application signed between the CC SAS and the Microsoft company and on the basis of the contract on the supply of Microsoft software products signed between the CC SAS and the EXE company, the CC SAS became the implementation center of the Microsoft SELECT program for the Slovak Academy of Sciences.


The main task of the CSIRT SAS is to identify, monitor, evaluate and resolve security incidents within the SAS network. CSIRT SAS focuses on the protection of information systems and strives to ensure a quick and effective response to security incidents.


The CC SAS the OpenVPN service, which is a software tool used to create virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure and encrypted connection of devices over the Internet. This tool provides security and privacy when transferring data over the Internet, protecting sensitive information and personal data. In addition to securing the connection and protecting privacy, OpenVPN can also give users access to services on the SAS network that they would not otherwise be able to access.