Devana Supercomputer

The Devana HPC system (Development and Enabling) was procured as a replacement for the Aurela supercomputer within the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure (OPII-2020/7/55-NP, project National Competence Center for High-Performance Computing, code 311071AKF2). Technology from Lenovo was deployed in a configuration of 140 universal computing nodes and 8 gpu accelerated nodes for tasks in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). The performance unit of the universal computing module is the SD630 server with Intel Icelake 6338 32C/2.0 GHz/205 W processors and 256 GB of operating memory. Accelerated modules consist of SR670 v2 servers with four Nvidia A100 40 GB GPGPU accelerators. More details can be found in the HPC Focus magazine (Vol. 2022).

Devana is accessible free of charge to all scientists and researchers from Slovak universities and SAS institutes who can apply for computing capacity allocated in a peer-reviewed grant competition. In cooperation with CC SAS, the National Competence Center for HPC provides the opportunity to implement free pilot and proof-of-concept projects with the help of experts. Part of the computing capacity will also be available commercially. Users can register and bid for computing time through the registration portal.


PlatformLenovo ThinkSystem SD630 v2 + SR670 v2
Operating systemCentOS 7.x
CPU nodes140
GPU nodes8
CPU cores9472
GPU cores221184 CUDA + 13824 Tensor
Theoretical performance~800 TFlops
Memory38 TB
Data storage1 PB + 600 TB + 400 TB
File systemBeeGFS + Linux native
Computing networkHDR Infiniband
Network topologyFat tree (neblokujúca)
Power input130 kW