Electronic Mail System

Electronic mail system of SAS was first created in 1991 after building the core network of SAS. It was the first service provided on this network. Although the hardware and software used in 1991 went through a number of changes, the method of transmitting mail has remained the same. The last modernization took place in December 2017. Today, SAS electronic mail is used by more than 3,500 users and is one of the most used services provided by the SAS Computing Center.

Electronic mail and email services are an important part of the modern world and have many advantages. They provide quick and easy communication regardless of geographical distance, allow saving and backing up messages, organization and efficiency of work, and enable obtaining feedback.

Mail services and electronic mail help users keep track of their messages and calendars, leading to increased productivity and time savings. They are also an essential part of modern communication, they enable fast communication with several people at the same time and enable faster and more efficient problem solving and improved results.

In case of electronic mail problems, please contact us at postmaster@savba.sk.


Peter Lukáč

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