Department of Information Systems: Services

  • Website development

    SAS Computing Centre offers new website development and existing website customization. Website functionality is always adjusted according to customer wishes. Graphic design is created with respect to website requirements. More information is available in the following price-list:
    • Website graphic design - 135€
    • Insertion of graphic design into HTML - 75€
    • Further design proposals - 135€
    • Static subsite (text) - 15€ /site
    • PHP (dynamic subsite) - starting from 20€ (poll - 20€, web form - 30€, full-text search - 25€)
    • Editorial system - starting from 135€
    • Flash animation - starting from 25€
    • Administration (inserting new materials, additional modifications, minor changes) - 10€ /site
    • Access to graphical usage statistics - 10€
    • Backup/recovery of data - 10€/month
  • SAS main website

    We offer the option to promote SAS institutes through institute information sites. We also offer general information about SAS, online library catalogue, SAS Computing Centre services, magazines, SAS in the 7th EU framework programme, etc. We present current news, upcoming events and more.
  • Institute information websites

    We present information about all SAS institutes. These websites contain information about the institutes, the institutes' employees, links to their home pages and magazines they issue.
  • Employee information websites

    Every SAS employee may request the creation of a personal website on our server, which will then be attached to their home institute website.
  • Website hosting

    We offer the creation and deployment of websites on our server. We provide website operation for the members of SANET and SAS institutes.
  • Discussion forums

    We offer SAS employees the option to discuss various subjects on a number of forums with the options to add posts and receive replies.
  • Full-text search

    Search within all pages belonging to
  • Consulting

    Users can consult any web related questions and issues with the webmaster by telephone or email:
    tel: + 421 2 3229 3116