Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences


High performance computing
  • Hardware services
    • Providing computing time on the "Aurel" supercomputer with the ability to use up to 4096 CPU cores of the Power7 architecture (126 computing nodes) with the memory of 256GB per computing node with proprietary high performance interconnect network with low latency. The supercomputer has 600TB of storage space in an external data storage with parallel file system and high throughput. It also contains 320TB of internal disk space.
    • Providing computing time on a computing cluster with the ability to provide up to 320 CPU cores of the Power7 architecture, composed of 18 nodes with 128GB memory, 2 nodes with 256GB memory and 32 cores per node and a node with 1TB of memory and 64 computing cores, all connected by high speed network with low latency - Infiniband. The cluster has 87TB of external storage space with parallel file system as well as 1-3TB of internal disk space per computing node.
  • Software and other services
    • Compilers, mathematical libraries and software resources are available for the effective performance of parallel programs.
    • Open-source software and other software with academic licences are also available for a broad spectrum of scientific computations.
    • Users are allowed to compile their own or other open-source programs as well as programs that have the appropriate licences.
  • User support
    • Help with compilation and fine tuning of HPC programs
    • Help with setting up appropriate environment for effective performance of parallel programs
    • Help with parallelizing of serial programs and improving their scaling
    • Help with defining and creating an analytical model of a domain problem
    • Help with designing a software system based on the defined analytical model
      • System structure design and behaviour
      • Formulating standard serial algorithms and their subsequent parallelization
Visualisation - using 2d and 3d software (including stereo vision)
Non-academic use – Personal consultation is necessary regarding mutual cooperation on an external project